Iowa Fishing

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  • Updated 24th May 2024

Love Fishing in Iowa?

Iowa freshwater angler? Fishing Pro Report provides up to the minute accurate fishing conditions including weather, lunar and water conditions to help you make the right fishing decisions. The fishing data is intended to help you determine, combined with your own fishing experience the next best fishing window for your next trip. Fishing is about getting outdoors & making friends. Use your personal experience combined with our 100% free fishing reports and data points to help determine the optimal time to grab your fishing rod and head to your favorite fishing haunts.

For all you fishing quiz boffs out there in case you didn't know the state fish of Iowa is the Channel catfish(Ictalurus punctatus) . We track a huge number of lakes, rivers, streams & resevoirs in Iowa with fishing spots and reports in all counties in Iowa. Get your fishing report today.

Iowa Fishing Licence

Iowa has different licensing options at different price points for anglers. So if you're a state resident or a visitor there's a license option for you. Click here to purchase a license for Iowa fishing license online and you can purchase them all online.

Iowa Fishing Regulations

Iowa Department of Natural Resources are responsible for regulating fishing in Iowa. Finance are primarily funded by your fishing licence fees. If you want to find out loads of information on state specific fishing initiaitves including fish stocking programs and the latest fishing records please visit Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Places and locations to fish in Iowa

Hartwick Lake Fishing

  • Near Hickory Hollow - Site 068